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We are a team of dedicated software designers based in Somerset building accounting software solutions 

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    Would your customers benefit from better…

    Order Automation

    We have built our own ERP System for managing orders, creating automated invoices and purchase orders

    Accounting Software Integration

    Accounting Integration

    Integrate your existing software and order processing  with your accounting system


    Use power Business Intelligence Software to Inform your organisation of KPI’s

    Extract Data from Sage

    Our Sage to SQL Sync took will extract Sage data to use however you chose.


    Tailor Made Software

    Bespoke Software

    Tailor make the processes, screens and fields to fit your business needs

    Power Apps

    Data Forms and Collection

    Build Forms on a Phone or Mobile to Collect On Site Data

    Some examples of our work in accounting software…

    Solutions for Frustrated QuickBooks Desktop Users

    Intuit has upset many of it’s long standing UK customers by not only discontinuing support for it’s desktop product…we examine the implications

    3 Examples of Accounting Software Automation

    We have recently created 3 time saving automations for customers using accounting software for their financial business processes. Read more about the work we have been doing for them…

    Is subscription software costing you more than you think?

    In the last few years there has been a wholesale move from buying software as a perpetual license with a support contract to purchasing on a monthly subscription. Often that subscription is per user based. The great thing for businesses is that the cost of entry to...

    Springboard IT’s Making Tax Digital Solution passes HMRC checks

    Springboard IT have cleared the final hurdle with HMRC that allows their Making Tax Digital VAT solution to communicate directly with the HMRC VAT Submission Service. The solution is available as an Excel Addin or an embeddable utility. This allows to Springboard IT...

    Making use of mobile devices and cardless technology

    I recently performed some research for a customer which I thought would be worth sharing more generally. I was amazed at what a cost effective solution this can turn out to be. We are very excited about how this technology can interact with Microsoft Flow to trigger...

    An exciting new(ish) Microsoft product that’s well worth a look

    In Power BI, Microsoft has created the most powerful and important business tool in years Around 18 months ago, Microsoft launched a new piece of software for businesses. Although there is nothing new in this; Microsoft is regularly adding to its suite of programmes,...

    What Office 365 can do for you

    Pick through the slew of products on offer with Office 365 and you will find some really useful software for your business, at a reasonable price. As a small business owner, I find it frustrating to browse through the products on offer from Microsoft. It doesn’t take...

    Case Study: Automating a process to save time

    What do most businesses want from their IT systems? Well, mostly they want them to work hard unnoticed in the background to make day-to-day work easier. Many software packages promise such things, but at a huge cost, and also come with a lot of features, which can...

    Why do you need a CRM system?

    ‘I need CRM software’: I hear this phrase a lot from clients, but my reaction is usually: ‘Are you sure?’. CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a very general term and conjures up different pictures for different people. The first step is to be clear about...

    New Technology Opportunities

    Hiding in plain sight: you may already have the answer to your under-performing software. Avoid the cost and disruption of a software overhaul by unleashing the true potential of the systems you already have. We often like the idea of new IT systems for our...

    Intelligent Cold-Calling follow-up

    The Problem – Cold Calling has a Negative Image. The subject of cold calling is contentious. Most people have had an experience of cold calling and most of those experiences would be described as strongly negative. This is mainly due to bad practice by the calling...

    CRM or Sales Management?

    A critical look at CRM CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a term often abused. CRM is most often confused with Sales Management systems. Customer First, or Business First? CRM Systems put the needs of the Customer first; Sales Management Systems put the needs...


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