3 Examples of Accounting Software Automation


Here at Springboard IT we can integrate your existing systems with your accounting software. We have experience with working with a number of different accounting software and have multiple different approaches to complete solutions. Below are some examples of where we have integrated with accounting software from all different scales of business.

Customer Portal for Sage Line 200 Invoices

We have built a customer portal for a customer which allows their customers to view their Invoices securely pulled from Sage Line 200. Which invoices are viewable and downloadable are completely under the control of our customer – allowing them to ensure invoices are only displayed when they’re ready to be displayed the customer.

We have integrated this portal so that their customers are able to export their invoices directly into their accounting software e.g. Sage, Xero, Quickbooks. This means that the customers invoices are able to be paid more efficiently and allow their customers to feel more comfortable with what invoices are outstanding.

As well as invoices and credits we also display to the end user their statement ensuring full transparency of information and no manual intervention is required.

We have also implemented a query system so that end users can dispute or query invoices available to them and be kept up to date with real time updates of how our customer is dealing with the Invoice.

Finally, we have also exposed more Sage Line 200 information so that our customer can easily see spends and trends across their customer base and we have exposed that information into PowerBI to make it easy to find and simple to explain.

This system is also integrated with data from their CRM and other systems.

Excel Integration

For another customer, they wanted to automate the payroll information into Sage Line 200. They have a separate clocking system which enabled users to log when they worked. From that CSV we extracted the information into Excel and wrote a process which calculated number of hours overtime along with what rates each employee should be on.

We export this information into an import file ready for Sage Line 200 to process payroll.

This not only saved the customer massive amounts of time having to manually calculate overtime and pay but also allowed for a reduction in errors as the data required was automated.

Access Dimensions API

We have built a secure API for our customer to enable users to collect all outstanding invoices ready to be paid. We built this as a wrapper around the Access Dimensions system so that our customer no longer has to spend time manually sending out invoices or chasing customers for payment – instead all the information is delivered right to the end user. This enables our customer to have full control of what invoices get shared and when and has saved significant time for the admin team. We have built a number of different endpoints so that customers can download their statements and also repeatedly check their outstanding invoices or a set of invoices between dates.

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