Working with Springboard IT is an easy, risk free process.

Step 1


Get in Touch! First of all we will spend time with you to understand your current problems, and where applicable we can arrange an onsite consultation visit to gain a better understanding of your business requirements.


Step 2


We will then discuss the solution internally bringing all of our expertise together and quote you for a project to create the best solution that will work for your business.

Early on in our relationships with customers we look to see what quick wins we can find in order for you to see the benefits quickly.

Our quote will include a delivery date and a fixed cost. We will also quote to support the solution in the future.

At Springboard IT we believe software is a constantly evolving part of your business. Once our first project is delivered, we will discuss whether we can help you on an ongoing basis.


Step 3


See the time and cost saving benefits our software can bring you!

Moving forward, you may wish to take up one of our support packages so that you know we’re always here when you need us!


Types of Support We Offer

Budgeted Hours

Move your software forward each month

Banked Hours

Have some hours in the pot for future requirements as they arise

Support Only

Have peace of mind that your current software is supported when you need it


Don’t want a support contract?  Simply contact us when you need us