Automated Mailshots with PDF attachments  

SharePoint and Power Automate Case

July 2023


Customer in the Heath and Safety sector wanted to send out regular PDF’s with tips and advice to customers relevant to their industry sectors


We provided a SharePoint structure to organise their content and structure and used Power Automate to send this at the appropriate dates


Monthly and quarterly emails are now sent automatically from SharePoint with content relevant to the sector or to all customers with general advice.   The emails are already in place for the coming year.


Giving industry advice and relevant information adds value to customers.    Our client was looking to organise PDF’s to go out to a range of sectors and have the relevant tips and advice sent out by email in a format that looked professional and in a way that was automated.   They had created a range of detailed and insightful PDF’s and wanted to send these out either monthly or quarterly for general advice to all customers.   The emails should contain different content depending on the sector so that the advice remained relevant.


  • We created a SharePoint site for the company with all of the PDF’s and created a sector grouping for all of these.   E.g. Food and Drink advice or Agricultural.    This enabled us to send only the relevant emails to the right companies.
  • We also created a priority level for the emails so that advice could be given out on specific months according to an annual plan.
  • We then built a template email and various pieces of dynamic contact which again could be picked out from a SharePoint page.
  • We built a Power Automate function to create the emails according to the factors above on the correct dates and send the relevant PDF’s to their customers with a tailored email built automatically.

Customer Benefits

The customer has saved time by automating the process and has a clear schedule in place for their upcoming emails.    They are also better communicating with their customers and adding value to them with useful email contact delivered automatically.   The email looks like this….



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Customer sign off

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