Springboard IT: Guiding LBP-RICS to Seamless Email Management

Document & Email Management Case

August 2023


LBP-RICS, a leading real estate consultancy, struggled with efficiently filing incoming emails and organising attachments. They turned to Springboard IT for a custom software solution.


Rather than jumping into development, Springboard IT embraced the role of trusted advisor. After rigorous market research, we recommended an existing solution, www.mailmanager.com, that aligned perfectly with LBP-RICS’s needs.


LBP-RICS welcomed our suggestion and implemented mailmanager. The impact was swift—streamlined email filing, saved time, and appreciable cost savings. They thanked us for our guidance that led to a faster, more cost-effective solution.


LBP-RICS, a prominent real estate consultancy, grappled with the common challenge of efficiently managing incoming emails and attachments. The volume of correspondence overwhelmed their workflow, demanding a practical solution.


Rather than immediately pursuing custom software, Springboard IT took on the role of trusted advisors. Through thorough market research, we pinpointed a fitting solution – www.mailmanager.com. This off-the-shelf software aligned seamlessly with LBP-RICS’s needs.

Customer Benefits

LBP-RICS embraced our recommendation and swiftly implemented mailmanager. The impact was profound – reduced time spent on email filing, elevated organisation, and noteworthy cost savings. LBP-RICS expressed their gratitude for our advisory role that led to both efficiency gains and financial savings.



Initial Call to Discuss Requirements


Decision to provide consultancy rather than development


Half day consultancy to research and test a solution


Presentation of proposed Solution


Customer sign off

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