Solutions for Frustrated QuickBooks Desktop Users

Support for Intuits Quickbooks Desktop Ends

Springboard IT has recently had an opportunity to demonstrate our wide experience of interfacing to multiple accounting packages, in this case to Xero and Quickbooks online.

Intuit has upset many of it’s long standing UK customers by not only discontinuing support for it’s desktop product but apparently actively preventing it’s on going use from the 30th June this year. UK Customers of the product have found it extremely difficult to get clear guidance as to what the situation will be from 1st July onwards.

Over the years we have written a number of custom integrations that write to Quickbooks desktop. Mainly Invoices (both paid and unpaid) but also paying bills, paying invoices, sophisticated reconciliation processes and writing journals.

Existing customers have found that the business risk of discovering if Quickbooks desktop is still accessible after 30th June means that they have had to jump ship before then. Some have gone to Quickbooks on-line for perceived familiarity and continuity. The majority have gone to Xero partly because of Accountant preference but also not continuing the relationship with Intuit the developers of both Desktop and Online versions of Quickbooks.

The great thing is that it has not mattered which product the client decides to use, we are experienced in both and can provide guidance over the nuances of each.

It is a great example of where our combination of business knowledge, software experience and development skills have combined to help take the stress out of difficult decisions for our customers.

Are you thinking of Changing Your Accounting software?

Springboard IT are working with accounting software packages every day.   We don’t sell them, we don’t think one fits for every business. We do know how each works and how they might work for you though. Feel free to ask us for our advice.